EXPLORE IT! https://jurnal.yudharta.ac.id/v2/index.php/EXPLORE-IT <p>Jurnal Explore IT! merupakan publikasi ilmiah enam bulanan yang diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Teknik Informatika Universitas Yudharta Pasuruan. Isi artikel Jurnal EXPLORE IT meliputi bidang Artificial Intellegent, AR VR, Mobile programming, Pattern Recognition, Internet of Thinks (IoT), Remote Sensing, Fuzzy Logic, Computer Network and Architecture, Network Security, Embedded system, dan aplications</p> en-US EXPLORE IT! 2086-3489 Pemanfaatan Knowledge Data Discovery(KDD) Pada Pola Permainan Atlet Bulutangkis https://jurnal.yudharta.ac.id/v2/index.php/EXPLORE-IT/article/view/1467 <p>KDD merupakan kegiatan interdisiplin ilmu yang mengacu kepada metodologi untuk memperoleh pengetahuan dari data. FP-growth digunakan secara luas untuk menganalisa pola yang sering muncul dari jumlah data yang besar, dengan disertai dengan frekuensi. Pada penelitian ini, algoritma FP-grotwh digunakan untuk menganalisa salah satu cabang olah raga, yakni bulutangkis. Secara khusus, algoritma ini digunakan untuk mengidentifikasi pola dan kecenderungan pukulan seorang atlet selama pertandingan. Sebagai penutup, penerapan ilmu pengetahuan dalam dunia olah raga merupakan suatu keharusan, dalam rangka meningkatkan prestasi dalam turnamen besar. Hal inilah yang menjadi kepedulian kami dalam penelitian ini.</p> Luki Ardiantoro Soffa Zahara Nani Sunarmi Copyright (c) 2019 EXPLORE IT! 2019-06-15 2019-06-15 11 1 1 6 RANCANG BANGUN SISTEM KONTROL PENYIRAM TANAMAN BERDASARKAN SENSOR SOIL MOISTURE DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN ARDUINO https://jurnal.yudharta.ac.id/v2/index.php/EXPLORE-IT/article/view/1469 <p>In this era of development, technological development encourages people to continue to think creatively to maximize the performance of existing technology to improve human work in daily life. Almost all activities of human activities use modern technology, ranging from the world of industry, households and even agriculture. In the field of agriculture still has problems, one of which is watering the plants that are still manually.</p> <p>For this reason, it is necessary to think of a plant sprinkler automatically. Where this tool changes the role of humans in the care of plants, namely in terms of watering plants. One of these methods helps human work every day to be more time efficient and practical without having to place it.</p> <p>With this tool, it is expected that farming activities with plant watering systems will automatically be increasingly in demand. Because this tool is made capable of watering plants automatically based on the value of soil moisture detected by soil moisture sensors. With the control system using Arduino as a microcontroller and also the instructor of the water pump.</p> Adhi Cahyono Copyright (c) 2019 EXPLORE IT! 2019-06-25 2019-06-25 11 1 7 12 OPTIMASI ALGORITMA C4.5 MENGGUNAKAN PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION (PSO) UNTUK KLASIFIKASI PENYEBAB PERCERAIAN https://jurnal.yudharta.ac.id/v2/index.php/EXPLORE-IT/article/view/1472 <p><em>The number of divorces that occur in Indonesia is increasing every year, from the data that is known that most divorce cases are carried out by couples under the age of 35 years, the cause also varies from domestic violence, economic factors, infidelity, incompatibility, etc. From the existing divorce data, it is necessary to extract information to predict what factors are causing the divorce. In this study will use the C4.5 algorithm as a classification and prediction method, which will be optimized using the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm to improve the performance of the C4.5 algorithm. From the data mining process, the classification is produced with an accuracy of 87.4%, the accuracy level is higher when compared to the previous research which is only 57.63%.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em> Divorce rate, divorce factor, C4.5 Algorithm, PSO Algorithm, Optimization.</em></p> Nafillah Copyright (c) 2019 EXPLORE IT! 2019-06-25 2019-06-25 11 1 13 19 IMPLEMENTASI SISTEM ABSENSI PEGAWAI MENGGUNAKAN MAC ADDRESS SMARTPHONE DENGAN SENSOR BLUETOOTH BERBASIS MIKROKONTROLLER ARDUINO https://jurnal.yudharta.ac.id/v2/index.php/EXPLORE-IT/article/view/1473 <p><em>Along with the development of increasingly advanced technology and the use of hardware in a variety of work activities supported by various software, so that entrepreneurs of a company or agency use the technology as a tool attendance attendance that helps in the assessment and assessment of employee work. This research was conducted to design an attendance attendance system using microcontroller-based Bluetooth sensor that is easy, effective, efficient, and aimed to control and detect sensor, because it uses Bluetooth network as connectivity between hardware module which will produce attendance attendance system.</em></p> <p><em>In the Hardware Module originates from the Bluetooth mobile phone that will be connected to the Bluetooth HC-05 module, then Bluetooth Module HC-05 will send commands to detect sensors through Pin that is connected with Arduino Nano and processed into the PC.</em></p> <p><em>The result of this research is Bluetooth connection can be used as a tool of attendance by using hardware module connected to PC.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em> Bluetooth Mobile, Microcontroller, Bluetooth Sensor HC-05.</em></p> Siti Nur Azizah Copyright (c) 2019 EXPLORE IT! 2019-06-27 2019-06-27 11 1 20 28