The aim of JKIE (Journal Knowledge Industrial Engineering) is international journal to publish theoretical, aplication, and empirical articles that are aimed to contrast and extend existing theories, and build new theories that contribute to advance our understanding of phenomena related with industrial engineering and industrial management. The contributions can adopt confirmatory (quantitative) or explanatory (mainly qualitative) methodological approaches. Theoretical essays that enhance the building or extension of theoretical approaches are also welcome. 

The major aims are: (1) To disseminate information and developments in the field of industrial engineering and management, (2) To cover the range of engineering and management development and usage in their use of managerial policies and strategies, (3) To encourage further progress in engineering and management methodology and applications. Thus, JKIE invites the submission of original, high quality, theoretical and application-oriented research; general surveys and critical reviews; educational or training articles including case studies, in the field of industrial engineering and management.

The journal covers all aspects of industrial engineering and management, but not limited to, in the following fields: Ergonomics, Green Industry, Production (Planning/Scheduling/Inventory), Logistics, Supply Chain, statistics, Quality , Operations Management, Operational Research, E-Business, E-Commerce, System and Management Industry, Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0, Production Systems, Service Engineering, Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics, Information and Communication Systems, ICT for Collaborative Manufacturing, Maintenance and Logistics, Safety and Reliability, Organization and Human Resources, Engineering Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Project Management, Marketing and Commerce, Investment, Finance and Accounting, Insurance Engineering and Management, Media Engineering and Management, Education and Practices in Industrial Engineering and Management.

JKIE selects the articles to be published with a double bind, peer review system, following the practices of good scholarly journals. JKIE is published 3 times each year, in April, August and December, following an open access policy.