• Moh. Mukhsinin Syu'aibi Universitas Yudharta Pasuruan
  • Ifdlolul Maghfur Universitas Yudharta Pasuruan
Keywords: Convection, Istishna ’, Islamic law


Buying and selling istishna', namely buying and selling by order, in fiqh is often referred to as buying and selling goods whose goods do not yet exist or are still in process. Buying and selling clothes at the Duta Collection’s Foundation, Darut Taqwa Sengonagung Foundation is done by order (istishna’). Buying and selling transactions certainly involve two or more people to carry out the transaction, it is possible that one of the parties has committed a violation or not.

The problem in this research is how to resolve it when there is a mismatch of goods that have become ready in the practice of istishna contract 'at the Ambassador Collection of Darut Taqwa Sengonagung Foundation. This type of research method used is qualitative research field (field research) that is descriptive analytic. Data collection techniques were carried out with documentation and interviews with several people, resource persons, 4 speakers from the makers or employees of convection and 2 speakers from the customer. The results in this study indicate that: First, the practice of buying and selling clothing at Duta Collection's already has ways to resolve when material errors occur the convection lowers the selling price to the customer. Secondly, in the analysis of Islamic law, Duta Collection's convection is in accordance with sharia law meaning that when there is an error from the convection party and the consumer feels that it is not according to the order it has been agreed that there is a price reduction or the goods will be replaced with the order.


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