• Evan Hamzah Muchtar
  • Mohammad Rofi STAI Asy-Syukriyyah Tangerang
Keywords: Kinerja Keuangan, Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Sharia Conformity And Profitability (SCnP)


PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk is the first Islamic bank in Indonesia which was established in 1991 and started operations in 1992. However this is not offset by the performance of the increasingly improved financial performance, proven early in the year 2018 is rumored to be acquired because capital is experiencing the problem. This underlying researchers interested in conducting research with the aim to find out the financial performance of PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk 2013-2017 year. This research is quantitative descriptive research with SPSS software analysis tools 22 and Microsoft Excel. Research data in the form of secondary data obtained from annual report (annual report) BMI from the year 2013 until 2017. The data used for analysis is the method of SCnP as measured by indicators of Syaria Conformity and Profitability. The results of investigation of Bank Muamalat Indonesia 2013-2017 years of using the SCnP Model shows the performance of Bank Muamalat Indonesia year 2013-2017 banks generally are on point coordinates X = and Y = 1.99 83.30 to the position of the Lower Left Quadrant (LLQ) means that the bank has the level of the suitability of the sharia principles and low profitability.

Keywords: Financial Performance, Sharia Conformity, Profitability


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