History of Journal

MALIA: Journal of Islamic Economics is a scientific journal that is published twice a year both printed and online by the Syariah Economics Study Program at the University of Yudharta Pasuruan. Issuance in December and June. Malia has been published since 2011 which is managed directly by the Head of the Sharia Economics University of Yudharta Pasuruan, Mr. Fahmul Iltiham. The beginning of the publication of this journal was only as a collection of scientific articles for the reporting needs of the Lecturer Workload (BKD), without having such a detailed process.

In 2015 this journal began to be developed by young lecturers, which began with online journal management training or the Open Journal System (OJS) held by IAI Syarifudin Lumajang. Followup from the training that Malia began operating in the online world with the legality of E-ISSN 2549-2578, the authors who joined in this article are also very varied, 60% from outside the campus and 40% from the campus itself, this shows that the name Malia has been trusted by the writer in several universities.

With enthusiasm and hard work, as well as scientific limitations related to the OJS system, one by one the journals that have been published in print, began to be published online. Until August 2018, Malia was accredited at rank 6 (S6). However, the editorial structure of the journal continues to be correct, such as upgrading the OJS version 2 to 3, providing training to fostered journals at the University so that it can soon follow accreditation.