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In this study, the author will explain the development of the design of the runway sticks Ro'sun Sirah game as one of the media to make it easier for student of the Islamic School to learn the Book of Arabic in Ro'sun Sirah. With the development method using the ADDIE approach, the authors succeeded in developing a variety of designs on the runnings of Ro'sun Sirah sticks; Among them is the game</em><em> “Jungkat-Jungkit Stik”, game “Tepuk Stik”, game “Undian Stik”, game “Kopyok Stik”, game “Meraba Stik”, game Stik “Putar Jam Penebak”, game “Hunting Kata Dalam Stik”, and game “Comot Stik”.</em></p> Mochamad Hasyim, Amang Fathurrohman Copyright (c) 2018 Studi Arab Sun, 06 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0700 Strategi Genius Learning Dalam Pembelajaran Maharatul Kitabah <p><em>Arabic in learning has four language skills that must be mastered by students, namely listening skills (mahārah al-istimā '), speaking skills (mahārah al-kalām), reading (mahārah al-qirā'ah) and writing skills (mahārah al- kitābah). This conceptual study discusses the Genius Learning Strategy in Writing Skill Learning (Mahārah al-kitābah). The Genius learning strategy is a learning strategy that involves the mental and all cognitive structures of students and reconstructs and raises student experiences that have been experienced through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic student learning modalities, so that students' experiences emerge through visual, auditory and kinesthetic media. Genius learning strategies fall into the category of meaningful learning theories.</em></p> Achmad Yusuf Copyright (c) 2018 Studi Arab Sun, 06 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0700 تأليف الكتاب المنهجي المدرسي <p><em>These members have represented a growing growth in the media, such as the press, radio and television. They also represent the interest of educational and cultural institutions in teaching the national languages ​​of foreigners. The study of foreign languages ​​is vital in our time. Many educators recommended that every child in primary school have an opportunity to teach a foreign language, a relationship to an opportunity that is already available at the secondary school level. There are a set of principles, principles, conditions and specifications that have been used in the preparation and writing of educational materials in the field of teaching Arabic in public education. We will rely on three important aspects that should be followed by any article or book to teach Arabic. These aspects are: 1) Psychological, 2) Cultural, 3) Language.</em></p> Miftachul Taubah Copyright (c) 2018 Studi Arab Sun, 06 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0700 الدولة المثالية في المجتمع الإسلامي: مناقشات وردود <p><em>This article aims to explain about ideality state in Islamic discourse on the history muslim society. Drawing on empirical cases from Arabic kingdom and a comparative literature of medina constitution, this article reveals a dilemma within our life in nation-state system,and the other hand, Islamic state arising, appearing and developing with a revitalization doctrine back to al-Quran and Sunnah nabawiah. Firstly, Islam is a religion not determine of Islamic state during of Muhammad PBUH. life. Secondly, the concept of Islam for civil society is justice, humanity, and liberty. So, if&nbsp; not contradictory with this three spirit then the government or nation called by muslim society.</em></p> Muslihun Muslihun Copyright (c) 2018 Studi Arab Sun, 06 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0700 أنواع وقياس المعنى <p>Although the scholars differ in the enumeration of the types of meaning, we see that the five types of the most important are: the basic meaning, the additional meaning, the stylistic meaning, the psychological meaning and the meaning of inspiration. Linguists and psychologists used the measure of meaning to achieve several purposes: measuring the basic meaning of contrasting words, measuring differences and differences in internal psychological meanings in individuals, measuring physiological responses, and measuring the meanings of events. It is also a measure of meaning: participation is what united its image and its meaning is different. Contradiction is the signification of the word on two equally opposites. The synonym is the single word that indicates one thing as one.</p> Bagas Mukti Nasrowi Copyright (c) 2018 Studi Arab Mon, 07 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0700 Ilqo’; Strategi Peningkatan Keterampilan Berbicara Di Pondok Pesantren Salafiyah Syafi’iyah <p><em>This research is based on increasing the Santri’s interest in learning Arabic language in Islamic Boarding School of Salafiyah</em> <em>Syafiiyah</em> <em>Sukorejo</em> <em>Situbondo. It can be seen from various dorm areas which have been designed a particular room to learn Arabic even almost every complex.</em> <em>However, each complex has a different learning strategy. so, the effect on learning resultwill be different.</em></p> <p><em>Based on perceptions from different sides, learning Arabic in syafahiyah is not as easy as learning Arabic theories “nahwu-sharraf”.</em> <em>Meanwhile, </em><em>Islamic boarding school environment that tends to use the classic system, learn more Arabic to comprehend classic books.</em> <em>For this reason, it is necessary to accentuate the purpose of every learning process.</em></p> <p><em>In </em><em>learning</em><em> maharah al-kalam that was held in Salafiyah</em> <em>Syafi'iyah</em> <em>Sukorejo</em> <em>Situbondo boarding school, that is El-Marwah community used “ilqa strategy” to make students easier to apply </em><em>vocabulary</em><em> which has been memorized everyday and get more newmufrodat in every discussion process, in addition students are more confident to communicate in Arabic.</em></p> Aisyatul Hanun Copyright (c) 2018 Studi Arab Mon, 07 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0700