We invite you to submit and collect articles/papers on "Jurnal Heritage". The collection of articles in the "Jurnal Heritage" opens year-round and will be published twice a year.

Focus and Scope

(JH) Jurnal Heritage aims to encourage research in communication studies. Topics addressed within the journal include but not limited to:

  1. Political communication is communication that employs messages and political actors or related to power, government, and policy.
  2. Culture studies and Etnografi Komunikasi is a communication between people with different cultures (for instance race, ethnic, or socio-economic)
  3. Public Relations studies identify and develop a measure of behavioral dimensions critical to effective public relations for organization‐wide public relations leadership.
  4. Media and communication are studies in the scope of broadcasting, films, newspapers, magazines and online media (cyber media), and human relations
  5. Business communication is an idea or opinion exchange, information, instruction among people (personal or non-personal) through various symbols to achieve the company's goals.
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