Pro Kontra Pluralisme Umat Beragama Perspektif Guru PAI Tingkat SMA Sederajat

  • Nur Holifah


This study aims to describe and analyze: (1) The views of the PAI teachers, the pros and cons of religious pluralism, both of which are viewed from theological and social concepts. The results show that: pro-pluralism PAI teachers view that pluralism from the theological concept is to be careful in interpreting and responding to various ulama 'fatwas, by looking for the main point of benefit for the people rather than promoting selfishness in religion to tolerate leaders of different religions and in congratulations to non-Muslims. PAI teachers against theological concept clearly have zero tolerance in terms of leaders of different religions and congratulations to non-Muslims are strictly prohibited and even prohibited. From the concept of social relations, the PAI teacher pro views that it is a form of human ukwah to interact well, coexistence between adherents of other religions and always care for human rights and values. The teacher of PAI Cons Pluralism views it as a form of worship between fellow humans that is useful for getting the common good on the face of the earth.

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Nur Holifah. “Pro Kontra Pluralisme Umat Beragama Perspektif Guru PAI Tingkat SMA Sederajat”. Journal Multicultural of Islamic Education 4, no. 1 (October 31, 2020): 36-47. Accessed June 18, 2021.