Parenting Berbasis Religius Pluralistis Sebagai Penangkal Dini Paham Radikal dan Intoleran

  • Miftachul Taubah Universitas Yudharta Pasuruan


Recently, let's say it in Probolinggo, it went viral on social media and received attention from the public, namely the Kindergarten Carnival in the context of the 73rd independence celebration of the Republic of Indonesia on Saturday morning (18/8/2018), in which female participants wore black clothes -black, complete with veil and headscarf while carrying a replica of a weapon from a cork, considering that this costume is identical to ISIS. This is not only the responsibility of a teacher at school, but also the responsibility of the parents at home. This research method uses descriptive qualitative methods and the results of this study are aligned with Alfred Schutz's phenomenological theory. The results of this study are: a. The implementation of this activity is carried out by: praying according to the religion being embraced; celebrate all religious holidays; accept students from all religious backgrounds; Visiting religious holidays; b. The motives and goals of the parents of participating in this Parenting activity are to provide them with knowledge as parents to educate their children to become religious and pluralist characters from an early age so they are far from recognizing radical and intolerant attitudes. c. This pluralistic religious attitude is very much in accordance with Alfred Schutz's theory, because social actions taken by someone have positive meanings and meanings for others, and other people also provide positive feedback as well.

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Miftachul Taubah. “Parenting Berbasis Religius Pluralistis Sebagai Penangkal Dini Paham Radikal Dan Intoleran”. Journal Multicultural of Islamic Education 4, no. 1 (October 31, 2020): 65-74. Accessed June 18, 2021.