Peer Review Process

All received manuscripts will be peer reviewed with the double-blind policy by at least 2 reviewers. The final decision of manuscripts will be made by editor in chief according to reviewers' comments in a forum of the editorial board meeting. Scanning of plagiarism on the manuscripts will be conducted by using Turnitin software.


1. The manuscript that has been selected by the editorial board will be submitted to the reviewer.
2. Manuscript review process carried out in a predetermined time period (a maximum of 4 weeks), if need extra time should confirm to the secretariat of the editors.
3. During the review process, reviewers follow the style guide scriptwriting.
4. Reviewers check the substance of the text carefully to get the maening information text.
5. Reviewers checking the suitability and appropriateness of writing citations with a list of references / bibliography manuscript.
6. Reviewers noted and recommendations in writing to the improvement of the manuscript authors clearly.
7. The results of article reviews will be sent to the Chief Editor or Managing Editor by filling out the Review Form.