Pengaruh metode pengeringan terhadap komponen senyawa fitokimia pada tepung terung pokak (Solanum torvum)

  • Nunuk Helilusiatiningsih Jurusan Agroteknologi, Universitas Islam Kadiri Kediri, Jawa Timur
Keywords: drying method, phytochemical, pokak eggplant, flour


Pokak eggplant was quite popular abroad and in Indonesia spread over fertile land but still limited for public consumption. Pokak eggplant potential contains antioxidants and functions as a herbal medicine for health. The aim of this research was to analyze the phytochemical compounds in dried pokak eggplant using various drying methods into flour. There are 3 types of drying methods using sunlight, vacuum drayer, and Try dryer. The parameters observed were DPPH, total phenol, tannins, flavonoids, proximate test, vitamin C. The results showed the phytochemical components: a. Pokak flour (sunlight method) Contains DPPH 88.10%, total phenol 37.32 mg / g, tannins 1.03 mg / g, flavonoids 5.11 mg / g, water content 6.92%, ash content 3.66%, protein 11, 51%, 5.38% fat, 72.53% carbohydrates, 0.21% vitamin C, b. Pokak flour (vacuum dryer method) has DPPH of 92.81%, total phenol 77.35 mg / g, tannins 1.24 mg / g, flavonoids 2.75 mg / g, moisture content of 7.62%, ash content of 2, 82%, 22.66% protein, 3.25% fat, 65.51% carbohydrates, 2.44% vitamin C c. pokak flour (Try dryer method) had DPPH 85.15%, total phenol 22.91 mg / g, tannins 0.63 mg / g, flavonoids 2.43 mg / g, water content 6.89%, ash content 3, 29%, 21.28% protein, 7.04% fat, 61.5% carbohydrates, 0.39% vitamin C. So the best drying method for pokak flour processing is vacuum dry, which produces the highest phytochemical components.

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